Prices at 1 January 2020


Womens cut                                                                 $60.00

Womens cut & b/w                                                     $80.00

Womens cut b/w & ghd                                              $85.00

Fringe trim                                                                     $ 7.50
*complimentary to our colour service clients

Mens cut                                                                       $44.00



Cut and blow waves are discounted with colour services

Half head foils from                                                  $125 – with cut/bw $165

Three quarter head foils from                                 $155 – with cut/bw $185

Full head foils from                                                   $180 – with cut/bw $215

Demi with cut/bw from                            $140

Demi permanent with express dry           $105 

Tint retouch with cut/bw                                         $140

Tint retouch with express dry off                            $105

Full head tint with cut/bw                                       $165

Full head tint with express dry off                         $135

Balayage with toner and cut from                        $295

Balayage without toner                             $225


Styling & Treatments

Blow wave short hair                                  $42

Blow wave long hair                                   $60

Straightening with irons                                            $55

Waves with irons                                                       $65

L’Oreal Deluxe treatment                                        $20

L’Oreal Express treatment                                      $10


Children’s cuts
*Tuesday-Friday only

Under 5                                                                     $25

Under 13                                                                  $28

College male cut                                                     $35

College female wet cut                                          $40

College female cut & b/w                                     $48

Please note these prices are to be used as a guideline only. All prices subject to change without notice. Prices can vary due to hair volume and/or length, also if extra product or time is required.

We offer complimentary consultations for quotes on colour and to find the best solution for us to achieve your dream hair with your time and budget in mind. Please ring us to book.

More services available, ask in-store, or call us on (04) 3839382 for more information.